Terms & Conditions

The Terms & Conditions (Terms, Terms of Use) enclose information about what norms are conducted throughout when a user visits the site www.stunnerfirst.com and makes purchases. These Terms are subject to change and modification with time, and so, it is highly recommended to go through the points thoroughly from time to time. In order to continue using our website, one must accept all the conditions, else they may refrain themselves.

We would like to inform you that, this site is strictly not for children/minor. Users below 18 years of age are viewed as children/minor. In case if children are involved in this site in any way, they are advised to take parental supervision. Similarly, one should hereby affirm that if anything strange happens, only the child and his/her supervisor will be taken liable.

Our Terms do not authorise utilising our licensed trademark, design right, or copyright controlled by www.stunnerfirst.com. We and our partners hold right for our site features completely. We do not approve any such activities and we will take action upon users who create duplicates from our content. We do not encourage to share it with any third parties for personal or marketing interest.

In trade, misunderstandings and mistakes might happen from seller or customer. But the truth is that complications occur due to the absence of communication or any activity from a buyer or retailer that was not supposed to happen. Disagreements should be resolved from a valid legal office only. The final interpretation will be of the legal authority, whatever it is, it has to be accepted by the involved parties.

We have a team of experts to look after every stage of the online store development. Still, you might see mistakes. Errors may occur, for instance in product classification, price arrangement, writings, graphics, image display, etc. We clear faults and replace soon we notice any. Viewers can report any issues since we also take note of people's opinions and inputs.

We, at Stunnerfirst, have the right to cancel the account without any prior warning. This is directed to guard all the data we have. If we suspect any consumer or visitor for intruding the guidelines and/or utilising our resources, we will take austere actions. We restrain visitors/customers who are once held for their unlawful actions permanently. Those users who have infringed our rules and have performed shopping are not admitted to advance or buy our goods anymore, all unfinished obtainments will be dropped.

We are fortunate that we are getting so many reviews, comments and testimonials on our site and third-party sites. Occasionally, we receive comments that are bogus and are meant just to defame us. Such comments should be recognised as an individual's opinion and some being voluntary actions to take us down in the market. This can affects one's decision-making which would be entirely up to the individual without our accountability.

We send emails to our account owners and clients who are assumed to get special deals, offers, and newsletters that have something based on our site's updates and user's interest. Those who no longer wish to welcome any updates from us may unsubscribe our emails.

Please communicate with us online for more information.