Return Policy

The Return norms explain a number of (possible) cases that arise during the transmission of the package from our place to its delivery address. Few situations are bound to occur whereas few other might be possible at times. Please read the forthcoming paragraphs carefully so as to be aware of these terms.

We do not accept our consumers' returns if they return the products too late than expected duration. Moreover, if the package's condition is found to be different than it should actually be, we will not be able to look forward to proceeding for the replacements or refunds. Furthermore, does not entertain the returns if there is no practical reason and the consumer simply wants to return it back.

We accept the product returns if one or more of the items are found to be defective in some sense, such as broken or leaked package, wrong in terms of count, quantity and/or size or expired/near to expiry date. These cases are although rare yet possible. The consumer needs to contact us swiftly and make sure that (s)he sends the parcel in the same condition as originally received so as to help us better in the investigation. If we find out that the product(s) was(were) damaged from your side, the further process of replacements or refunds cannot take place.

If someone does not get the package at all, he or she ought to communicate with us as soon as possible. We would then check if the mailing address was complete and correct. If the address was wrong and the package gets lost in the middle the customer has to make a fresh purchase. In few occasions, the parcel may also return back to our warehouse due to incorrect address details; only in that particular case, we can ask you to update your postal address so that we could resend it. If the address section has been proven to be correct already and you still didn't get the ordered items after waiting for suggested duration we will resend the ordered products.

In case you choose to get back your payment we do that pretty quickly. The amount contains the cost price of the purchased products at the time of order and does not contain the packing, handling and shipping costs that the consumer may have paid. Despite refunding at the right time it may take about a week or two to be reflected in the account. If it takes more than that and you still wait to get back the refund, you must contact the credit card company's personnel to sort it out.

As far as the product cancellation is concerned, we allow it once if the parcel is still in our warehouse and hasn't yet dispatched. The dispatch happens within the first 24 hours and the consumer would need to be quick enough to not allow the transmission. The cancellations are not permitted AFTER the transmit, and so, one has to accept the delivery.

Kindly contact us for more information or any sort of queries.