Shipping Policy

The Shipping Policy will let you know the two different types of shipments and our variety of ways to deal with situations that arise or few others that might show up in between making hurdles. Kindly read the forthcoming paragraphs so as to ensure awareness.

There are UPS and Fedex shipping to enable successful package deliveries. The UPS shipment is the default one and does not need to be explicitly selected by the buyer. It is the cheaper mode of transmission and takes about 4 to 5 days to get the product delivered at its doorsteps. The Fedex shipment takes 2 to 3 days and is comparatively more expensive than its UPS counterpart. It has to be manually selected by the consumer if (s)he chooses to. The cost is added right after the checkout in both the cases.

The order processing is not carried on public holidays and weekends. Therefore any order placement which is being done on such days would be processed the following working day. We request you to make sure that the postal address you mention is correct and complete, else the parcel will not reach to you and might be lost.

Some extra charges may be collected from the receiver by the post/courier office authorities as a means of import duties, taxes, other service charges, and so on. These costs exclude the shipment charges we initially ask during order confirmation as it only serves to transmit the package from our warehouse to the destined state or country. If a consumer denies to pay, the concerned personnel may refuse to hand over the package to him/her. Any kind of conflict that has arisen due to this has to be resolved by the involved parties and holds no responsibility for the same.

We request you to learn your country's import norms before deciding to buy. This will help you know whether our cosmetic products are allowed to be imported or not. Plus, it will also help you understand the costs it may attract.

There is a rare possibility of unfortunate events that might take place in any part of the world. Occurrences of natural calamities like earthquakes, tsunami, hurricanes, floods OR civil wars, national emergency, atomic explosion, fire, riots, curfews, etc. may happen in any part of the world. We wait for such events to diminish, else if it is too severe and is taking time, we return back the full refund soon.

Kindly contact us in an event of doubt or any other kind of assistance.