The First Ampoule Emulsion

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The First Ampoule Emulsion from the cosmetic house of BRTC is a very effective emulsion that helps to maintain the balance between moisture and oil in our skin. It also aids in the skin whitening process.

Emulsions are basically a combination of two forms of liquid that collide with each other but give the best of results. Emulsions are used mostly by people with sensitive skin as it is lighter in texture. In other sense, it is a light moisturizer and provides enough hydration to the skin cells. It also assists in brightening the skin tone and reduces the dark patches and discoloration from the face. The First Ampoule Emulsion increases the skin elasticity and firms up the skin texture. The emulsion soothes the skin and also gives it a nice natural glow. Its results are long lasting and a very essential product to have. The moisturizing and whitening lotion also helps to control the oil content on the skin keeps the skin looking young and plump. The First Ampoule Emulsion can be used on a daily basis to maintain a radiant glow. It is suitable for all skin types. The emulsion acts as a protective layer and prevents severe damage to the skin. Apply a generous amount of the emulsion all over face and gently massage the same until it is well absorbed into the skin. Leave it to dry for effective results.


Brand: BRTC

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