Aqua Rush Fluid

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The Aqua Rush Fluid is a facial moisturizing spray from the cosmetic house of BRTC, one of the most essential products. 

Facial mist sprays are very necessary as it helps to lock moisture in the skin. In today’s world, the skin texture and skin cells are so exposed to various factors that cause damage and destroy the skin. Any kind of moisturizers be it creams, sprays or washes are essential to keep your skin glowing. The Aqua Rush Fluid is a wonder product from BRTC. This is a water mist that is rich various minerals that provide enough moisture and hydrate the skin cells. The mist restores the skin texture from deep inside and balances the oil content in the face. The mist also helps to soften the dull and rough skin and provide for a smooth skin. The Aqua Rush Fluid also acts as a barrier protecting the skin from various harmful elements. The BRTC creates products that are very safe and from 100% natural ingredients. The brand has been in the popular among customers and the products have also been in high demand. To apply the Aqua Rush Fluid spray the mist 20cm away from your face whenever you feel the skin is drying out. Pat gently until the mist is well absorbed into the skin. Repeat this at regular intervals for a smooth skin.


Volume: 120 milliliter

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