Aqua Rush Cushion Cover

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The cushion cover a cosmetic product from the cosmetic brand BRTC that helps to smoothen the irritated skin and redness in the skin. The product is perfect for sensitive skin types and also is one the most effective skin care treatment for troubled skin.

The Aqua Rush Cushion Cover that protects the skin from harmful factors that can damage the texture of skin. This is the best solution for your facial skin related problems. The main ingredients are deep sea water, glacier water, squalane, aloe vera leaf extract and lavender water.  This helps to reduce and soothe irritated and disturbed skin. It also helps to also reduce pimples and remove the marks from the skin.  The powder helps to absorb easily into the skin which makes it easier to use and also can be used under makeup. The powder also provides for a cooling and a fresh feeling and keeps the skin moisturized and hydrated. Aqua Rush Cushion Cover also controls excess oil secretion on the facial skin and smoothens the open pores. It also reduces rough, dull and dry skin. The powder also helps to brighten the skin tone by reducing the dark patches on the skin. The pink powder that the product contains helps to remove stains and scars from the skin and provide for a glowing skin. Apply the powder on the affected areas and blend in well.


Volume: 80 grams

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