Prestige Gold Caviar Toner

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The Prestige Gold Caviar Toner is a product that is highly rich in two of the most important ingredients that help to keep your skin glowing, gold and Russian caviar. Here we have a good percentage of both to revitalize and refresh your skin and keep it looking young. Along with whitening your skin tone, the ampoule also prevents development of wrinkles and signs of aging. 

The main ingredients of the Prestige Gold Caviar Toner are the gold extracts, caviar, glycolate, collagen and allantoin. All of these contribute highly to provide the proven result. Gold has characteristics that can transform rough skin into silky smooth skin. It also helps to even out the skin tone. Caviar is highly rich in various minerals, proteins and vitamins that help in improving the skin elasticity and provides required hydration to the skin cells. They also absorb into the skin easily. Glycolate removes dead cells and also protects the skin from the harsh radiation caused by sunrays. Lastly, allantoin is known for its moisturizing effects that help smoothen and soften the skin. The toner should be used after the washing your face in cold water. Take the required amount and tap onto a cotton bud. Gently wipe onto face until well absorbed. You can apply a moisturizer as a top layer and let it dry for best results. See and feel the difference in less than a month’s time.


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