Dewytree 7cut Facial Cream

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If you’re craving for a complete solution that improves skin texture and radiance along with anti-ageing benefits, Dewytree 7cut Facial Cream is the perfect ally. Enriched with the goodness of 29 kinds of all-natural ingredients, the cream hydrates, nourishes, evens out, and protects the dull and dry skin. Suitable for all skin types, it sinks quickly into the skin. Noteworthy is that it is from the 7cut line, meaning it contains no sulfates, mineral oils, parabens, benzophenone, triethanolamine, synthetic dyes, and synthetic fragrances; that’s a great relief for the ones with sensitive skin. 

Just a dollop-sized product should keep your skin supple all day long. Furthermore, it has a creamy texture that doesn’t make skin sticky and clog the pores. The light formula has a mild pleasant scent which comes from the ingredients. 

Usage Indication:

Post-shower or cleansing, scoop up a dime-sized cream and apply it on the skin. Rub it evenly so the cream doesn’t settle into pores. When applying the cream around under eye area, lessen the pressure, as this skin is sensitive. To reap maximum benefit use in the morning, and again at night

What not to do:

Strictly follow the directions on the bottle to see how much cream you should apply. Discontinue the usage if you notice unusual skin reactions like red spots, itching, and irritation after use. It is for external use only; in case of getting into your eyes or mouth, rinse with clean water. 

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