Real Cheek Smoother - Lylac Drop

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Cheek blushers are the basic step or the first step of makeup. They are very similar to foundations. It provides for a clear surface of the skin and helps in covering up all the signs of ageing. The product is from the famous brand Chosungah22 which is one of the best brands and the most effective foundation bases.

The Real Cheek Smoother - Lylac Drop is a soft colour blusher that helps to cover wrinkles and fine lines from the facial skin. The blusher is light and absorbs well into the skin. It also provides enough moisture to the skin and prevents it from dryness and dullness. It helps to even out the skin tone and whitens the skin colour. Moreover, the Real Cheek Smoother - Lylac Drop acts as a sunscreen by protecting the layers of the skin from the harsh rays of the sun and other external factors that cause damage to the skin. The blusher helps in defining the cheek lines and also helps to show the features of the cheek. The Real Cheek Smoother - Lylac Drop also soothes the irritated skin and removes the rough and dry skin from the face. To get the desired look, apply the blusher on both cheeks and pat it gently to blend the colour naturally. The product is a totally essential product that every woman should have and it is totally worth it.


Colours: Satin Peach and Berry-Ade

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