Full Moon Party - Strawberry Tea

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With the latest fashion trends and styles who wouldn’t want plum juicy pink lips. Lip care has become an important part of a skin care routine. Cosmetic brands have brought out products like lip balms, creams, gloss, scrub and so on to help restore the health of the skin of the lips. The lip balm from Chusongah22 is a surely a must have and essential.

The Full Moon Party - Strawberry Tea from Chosungah22 is one of a kind lip treatment balm that soothes, re-plumps, hydrates, and protects delicate and dry lips. The main ingredients in lipsticks are vegetable oil and argan oil which provides good hydration and also provide enough nourishment to the lips. The lip balm is one with an ultra-moisturizing texture and highly rich in nutritious serum and butter. Application of lipstick instantly changes your look from casual to formal. Moreover, it also contains natural ingredient extracts which are also known for its anti-inflammation and moisturizing effects. The Full Moon Party - Strawberry Tea is also known to help in protecting the lips from the sun, dryness and dullness. It also helps in restoring the health of your lips and revitalizes them. The lip balm is very safe to use as it is free from talc, mineral oil, benzophenone, and triethanol. Apply the Full Moon Party #Strawberry Tea along the lip line to get the perfect shape and full coverage. 


Shades: Strawberry tea and Peach Tea

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