Juicy Punk Sugar Coral

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Chosungah22, the most popular cosmetic house is here with its eye colour makeup. Right from shades to liners, the cosmetic brand has launched products that have become so popular and well recommended.

The Juicy Punk Sugar Coral is very different kind of eyeshadow that is in the shape of a crayon. The texture helps to easily create a perfectly smooth line over the eyes. The product comes in every bright glamorous colour to suit every occasion and skin colour. The eyeshadow crayon is extremely easy to carry around. It has a glittery finish to it which gives a glamorous look. You can mix and blend in other colors and look elegant or even experiment with the colours and look glamorous. The Juicy Punk Sugar Coral is purely waterproof and is also smudge-proof. Moreover, the shadow gives you the best blend of colour in just one line application. As the texture is soft, it can be easily applied on by even beginners without any marks or scars and also removed hassle-free. It stays all day long and gives you a clean and elegant look. Apply from the middle of the eyelid and around your eyes. You could start off with a lighter application and darken it towards the end. Juicy Punk Sugar Coral is a very essential and very handy that helps you in your last minute touch-up sessions.


Colour: Coral

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