Flavorful Henna Lipstick - Velvet Coral

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Coral shades are a very neutral color that matches with every outfit and every occasion. The colour is elegant yet very stylish. The brand Chosungah22 ensures that all its trusted customers are provided with the best of products that provide them with the desired look every time.

The Flavorful Henna Lipstick - Velvet Coral is a lipstick that enhances your look and gives you that instant radiance and classic look. It gives a rich melting effect to the lips and keeps the lips smooth and soft. Moreover, it also provides a long-lasting effect and moisturizes the lips. The Flavorful Henna Lipstick - Velvet Coral is rich natural ingredients that provide enough moisture and hydrates the lips preventing it from dryness and roughness. Most of the lipsticks are made from natural floral ingredients provide you with effective results without causing any damage. The Flavorful Henna Lipstick - Velvet Coral refreshes the texture of the lips and restores its health. The lip colour also provides a protective layer to the lips from the external factors like pollution and the sun. The Flavorful Henna Lipstick - Velvet Coral is light and very comfortable to use. It gives a velvety look which makes the lips look fuller and healthier. To apply the lip tint in the best possible manner, gently spread the tint over your lips along your lip line.


Colour: Velvet Coral

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