Gold CF Nest B-Jo Eye Want Cream

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Gold CF Nest B-Jo Eye Want Cream from the house of Elizavecca cosmetics pampers the delicate skin around the eyes. It helps the eyes look youthful and attractive.

The skin around the eye needs extra care as it does not have its own oil glands and starts showing ageing quickly. This cream is light and nongreasy but gives good hydration. The product contains Shea and Macadamia to moisturize the skin. The formula contains Niacinamide that brightens and lightens the skin. It also has extracts of Rosemary and Gingko that improve the skin tone and smoothen the fine lines. The extract of swallow’s nest is the special ingredient in this cream that provides a silky smoothness to the skin. It makes the eyes look bigger and brighter. The skin becomes soft, supple and has increased elasticity. 

The product comes in a jar. To apply, cleanse and tone the face. Take a little of the eye cream and then apply around the eyes in dots. Gently spread with the ring finger and tap massage till the cream is completely absorbed by the skin. The cream generously hydrates the skin and helps in fighting the fine line and wrinkles. Daily use helps in reducing dark circles and uplifting the eyes. Use it twice daily for best results. 

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