Hand Cream Velvet Touch

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Hands are the most active parts of our body. They are also the most exposed of the lot. Due to this very reason, the skin on the hands tends to show signs of ageing and other damages on the texture of the skin. The Hand Cream Velvet Touch from Huxley is the only solution that provides effective and desired results to women of all age groups and helps them to keep their hands glowing and young.

The Hand Cream Velvet Touch is a mask containing natural ingredients that effectively nourishes skin. The essential oil treats acne skin and helps to improve the skin texture and protects the hands from drying out. The cream has a fresh and mild scent of rose that is long-lasting. The Hand Cream Velvet Touch also provides a lot of moisture and hydration to the skin layers. It completely rejuvenates and revitalizes the skin texture from deep within. The effect of the cream lasts long enough. The product comes in a tube that is in the shade of pink and is very portable. The application method of the Hand Cream Velvet Touch is to apply the cream on to your hands and massage until it is well absorbed. You will be left out with perfectly moisturized, shining and glowing hands.


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