Moisture Wear Lip Balm

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Huxley is a skincare brand that takes the natural value of skin as its top priority. In all the products, Huxley uses hand-selected and cold-pressed cactus seeds as this precious ingredient is antioxidant-rich, that nourishes and also slows down ageing. 

The Moisture Wear Lip Balm from Huxley gives the most beautiful lip balm colour and also moisturizes the lips. The main ingredients in lip balms are the Sahara prickly pear cactus seed oil and vitamin E which are a good source of hydration and also provide enough nourishment to the lips. The lip balm provides a smooth and soft texture and gives a classic finish to the lips. Application of lip balm instantly changes your look from casual to formal. The Moisture Wear Lip Balm is also known to help in protecting the lips from the sun, dryness and dullness. It also helps in restoring the health of your lips and revitalizes them. The lip balm is very safe to use as it is free from talc, mineral oil, benzophenone, and triethanol. The colour melts well on application onto the lips and gives a soft and beautiful natural colour. The colour is long lasting and very attractive. Apply the Moisture Wear Lip Balm along the lip line to get the perfect shape and full coverage. It is also best to be used as a lip base to slow down gaining signing.


Volume: 5 Milliliter

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