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Anti-Gravity Cream

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As we age, our skin tends to stress out. This is when you need to give your skin the right treatment with the right kind of products. The Anti-Gravity Cream from Huxley is the best option for ageing skin. 

The Anti-Gravity Cream is a total skin care cream that helps in revitalizing and rejuvenating the skin. It helps to restore the quality of your skin and revive its health and keep you looking young. The age repair cream mainly targets on wrinkles and fine line on the face that appear as you age. They help in reducing them and also provide the skin with the right amount of nourishment. The main ingredients are Sahara‚Äôs prickly pear seed oil, vitamin E and Linoleic Acid, all which are filled with skin-benefiting features. The cream firms the skin texture by increasing the skin elasticity and also moisturizes the skin. It helps to lock the water content in the skin and prevent the skin from roughness, dullness and dryness. The cream is light and creamy in texture and absorbs well into the skin. The cream also helps in protecting the skin from the various harmful external factors that can cause damage to the skin. The Anti-Gravity Cream helps to balance the skin tone and brighten the skin colour. For best results, take a small amount of cream and apply evenly all through the facial skin. Massage gently until well absorbed into the skin. 


Volume: 50 Milliliter

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