Body Duo ; Moroccan Gardener

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Body washes are the liquid form of soap that cleans your body. It functions just like bath soap and provides you with smooth and soft skin. Whereas, body lotions are daily used cosmetic products that have a milky texture and provide smooth skin. Body lotions are skin care products that provide utmost care to the skin of the body.

The Body Duo ; Moroccan Gardener is one product that provides the goodness of moisture and nourishment to the skin and also cleanses the skin and locks the hydration within the skin layers. The product is a perfumed body-care line that contains natural ingredients that keeps skin soft and smooth. It helps to exfoliate rough and dry skin from the body and provide refreshed and rejuvenated skin that is healthy and young looking. The combo pack brings in a fresh and mild scent that lasts for long hours. The duo is not heavy in texture and easily creates a refreshed feeling. The duo also helps to smoothen the irritated skin and reduce the redness of the skin. The body duo is of a grainy creamy texture that works as a body scrub and helps to cleanse the skin to a great extent. Take enough quantity on a sponge and massage all over. Rinse off in lukewarm water. Follow the skin care routine with the adequate application of the body lotion.


Volume: Body Wash = 300 Milliliter and Body Lotion = 300 Milliliter

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